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db hypo - The manual ventilation option in difficult situations

The db hypo manual ventilation module converts the db edition universal ventilator into a hybrid system that offers the following supplementary options:

  • Oxygen insufflation with adjustable oxygen concentration
  • Preoxygenation with adjustable oxygen concentration and leakage compensation
  • Manual ventilation with adjustable oxygen concentration, leakage compensation, and adjustable pressure-limiting (APL) valve
  • O2 flush for filling the manual ventilation bag or for short-term compensation of leakages

As a semi-open system with non-rebreathing valve, the hypnos module offers the following functions:

Accordingly, db hypo serves as a ventilation system for difficult situations in functional diagnostics, pulmonology and in intensive care

The system's convenient inducing/ending anesthesia technology allows for performing elective and emergency intubations without any additional ventilation aids. Our proven ventilation user concept offers differentiated ventilation therapies as well as

comprehensive numerical and graphic information on the current ventilation situation and the implementation in non-invasive ventilation. A special function allows for ventilation during rigid bronchoscopy and in resuscitation scenarios.

Application areas of the db hypo manual ventilator:


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