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VIT - Ventilator Integrated Tomographydb8000 2

Ventilation Integrated Tomography (VIT) is the world's first fully integrated system in an intensive care ventilator. The non-invasive pulmonary monitoring of the db 8000 visualizes for the first time ventilation-related complications and allows for direct therapy at the intensive care ventilator.
As a result, ventilation becomes transparent as well as directly controllable. The introduction of this innovative technology marks a new chapter in intensive care ventilation.

The combination of measured values from the intensive care ventilator with the results of electrical impedance tomography:

  • reduces intra-hospital transports of critically ill ventilated patients
  • objectivizes ventilation settings and allows for adjusting them under visual control
  • helps identify and reduce ventilation-related complications
  • allows for managing prone positioning therapy with pulmonary monitoring to optimize ventilation
  • identifies and prevents pulmonary collapse associated with the respiratory cycle
  • provides data to analyze regional compliance
  • helps detect overdistension, which can be counteracted by changing the ventilation settings
  • offers real-time adjustment options for optimal PEEP


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