db 6000


db6000 1  

Entry to the
premium class!

Medical advance, varying patient disease patterns and changing medical focus of the hospitals have impact on the required ventilation modes and diagnostic possibilities.

db 6000 enables entry to the premium class of modern respirators with the highest quality of ventilation and extensive measurements. In the balance between financial investment and possible future developments the db 6000 is the innovative ventilation platform for now and in the future.


db6000 2

db 6000 intensive respirator

Invasive and non-invasive ventilation for adults and children with a weight of more than 5 kg.


db6000 3

Valve Bar

One patient is done, the next one is waiting: Large numbers of patients and high workloads are part of everyday clinical reality. A dependable and practical hygiene concept can speed things up. Thanks to the valve bar of the db 6000, patient-side connections can be quickly replaced, effectively preventing cross-contamination. Highly durable long-lived materials guarantee the device’s functionality even under the most demanding conditions such as mechanical impact and repeated autoclaving.

That in turn benefits, patients, staff, and budget alike:
The expiration sensors no longer need to be calibrated and the costly replacement of disposable sensors has been eliminated, which saves time and ensures economical reuse of parts.

db6000 4


Especially under the stress of critical ventilation situations, a lot of comprehensive and exact information does not reach the respective decision maker. Necessary consequences for diagnosis and therapy are difficult to deduce or be of use during the ward round. The db 6000 Eventmanager enables easy communication and reproduction of critical situations. When activated the actual respiration display for the last 15 seconds and the next 30 seconds are stored as a video in the trends.




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