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db 160 - for non-invasive ventilation and respiratory therapy

Respiratory therapy with CPAP or NIV is considered the standard treatment for COPD or cardiac pulmonary edema. It may be expedient to start the treatment right in the emergency room or the cardiac catheterization lab to avoid unnecessary delays of pharmacotherapy or cardiological intervention. The compact db 160 ventilator is ideally suited for this purpose because of its easy handling and extensive leakage compensation. Its highly responsive measuring and control technology, comprehensive leakage compensation, and trigger detection based on adaptive byflow technology make no compromise in ventilation therapy in spite of mask-related leakages. This also facilitates the prompt start of therapy outside of intensive care units.

Extensive leakage compensation with db 160 clinical ventilator

The effective compensation of leakage due to masks and tubes represents a major challenge for equipment technology. Even short-term pressure drops of just 0.2 seconds may lead to the collapse of alveolar areas, which means they must be avoided as effectively as possible. The dual hose system of the db 160 continuously measures, displays, and adjusts mask-related leakage. Furthermore, the display provides precise data about the leakage status. Because of the active valve control of expiration, the device can rely on high-speed control algorithms, which prevents the risk of rebreathing CO2. In contrast to single hose systems, no additional flush flow is required to compensate the tube stricture.

Respiratory therapy and NIV in the post-extubation phase

Once a patient has been successfully extubated, there can be many factors that may lead to additional work of breathing, which in

turn increases the risk of renewed acute respiratory failure. In such patients, preventive non-invasive ventilation can lower the risk of re-intubation due to acute ARI in the post-extubation phase. This measure is easy to perform in IMC and recovery units, using a combination of NIV ventilation and respiratory therapy.

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